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Brigandine Highly Compressed PlayStation Game Download

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Game Information:

Series: Brigandine
Developer: Hearty Robin
Genres: Tactical role-playing game, Turn-based strategy
Platform: Playstation
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Publishers: Hearty Robin, Atlus
Initial release date: 2 April 1998

Brigandine is a turn-based strategy game for the PlayStation video game console, created by developer Hearty Robin and released in 1998. It was released in North America by Atlus the same year, under the title Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena. In 2000, Hearty Robin released an expanded version of the game called Brigandine: Grand Edition, which included multiplayer support, along other new features. In the game, the player chooses one of the nations of the fictional continent of Forsena, and has the goal of conquering the other nations by taking their castles, using troops composed of human commanders and fictional creatures. Although primarily a strategy game, it also includes some characteristics of tactical role-playing games.

Brigandine PSX ROM Highly Compressed

Game ISO File

Game Title: Brigandine

Size: 401 MB

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