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Game Information:

Infamous is a series of action-adventure platform games developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

In the first two games, the player controls Cole MacGrath in the third game the player controls Delsin Rowe and in the 4th game they control Fetch, as they freely roam around the city, fighting crime or creating havoc along the way. Cole and Delsin can use their parkour skills to jump and climb buildings throughout the city, along with their powers to help them fight enemies.

Their powers come from a gauge which depletes whenever they uses various attacks, and refills when they absorb electricity, ice, napalm, smoke, neon, video or concrete from nearby sources. Morality, or “Karma”, is a major factor in the gameplay and storyline.

The player is able to control the course of the game by having Cole and Delsin use their powers for good or evil. The choice allows the player to have a different mixture of abilities, as both good and evil have their own set of powers.

The game also uses a Karma meter which changes based on the main character’s actions throughout the game and determines whether he eventually becomes a good or evil character.

inFamous PS3 ROM Highly Compressed

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Game Title: inFamous

Size: 6.6 GB

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