Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 PS3 ROM Free Download

Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Highly Compressed Playstation 3 Game Download

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Game Information:

Initial release date: 2 November 2010

Developer: Spike

Genre: Fighting game

Mode: Multiplayer video game

Publisher: BNE Entertainment

Composers: Shunsuke Kikuchi, Kenji Yamamoto

Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Like its predecessor, Raging Blast 2 uses 3-D gaming mechanics with the camera alternating from over the shoulder to overhead angles at various moments. The player takes on the role of one of the available characters taking on another character from the franchise using various basic, melĂ©e, or signature ki fighting techniques. The combat features a technique called Raging Soul, where players are restricted from ki attacks, but physical attacks become stronger. Replacing the standard story mode from previous Dragon Ball fighting games is the Galaxy Mode. Here each character is represented by a planet in the game’s galaxy.

Within these planets are several mission paths. Each mission has various advantages or handicaps that will affect the overall fight. Completing some of these missions will unlock powerups and or other mission paths. Other modes of play are the Battle Zone, where player take on fighters from different zones, on and offline battle modes where players can take on friends or other random players from around the world, and the World Tournament, which players can take part in either Tenkaichi Budokai or Cell games-style fighting competition.[6]

Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 PS3 ROM Highly Compressed

Game ISO File

Game Title: Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2

Size: 4.8 GB

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