Resident Evil 2 PSX Download ROM ISO Highly Compressed

Resident Evil 2 Highly Compressed Playstation Game Download

Resident Evil 2 ROM download is available to play for PlayStation. This game is the US English version at exclusively. Download Resident Evil 2 (Disc 1)(Leon)[SLES-00972] ROM and use it with an emulator. Play online PlayStation game on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets in maximum quality. If you enjoy this free ROM on Emulator games.

Resident Evil 2 ROM download available for PlayStation. Download Resident Evil 2 emulator game and play the PSX ROM free. Cross-platform game works on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets.

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Game Information:


Initial release date: 25 January 2019
Engine: RE Engine
Developer: Capcom
Designer: Shinji Mikami
Mode: Single-player video game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna
Genres: Puzzle Video Game, Survival horror, Shooter Video Game, Adventure game

Resident Evil 2 is a remake of the 1998 game Resident Evil 2 for PlayStation. Unlike the original, which uses tank controls and fixed camera angles, the remake features “over-the-shoulder” third-person shooter gameplay similar to Resident Evil 4 and more recent games in the series that allows players the option to move while using their weapons similar to Resident Evil 6.

The assisted and standard difficulty modes deviate from the original by featuring autosaves and allowing players to save as often as they would like inside safe rooms. If the player chooses to play on “Hardcore” difficulty, players will be required to collect and use a finite number of ink ribbons to save the game’s progress, much like in the original game.

While exploring the police station, players can find and pick up items that can help them survive and escape. Certain items such as herbs and gun powder can be combined to make healing items and ammunition respectively. Items can also be inspected for clues gaining access to certain areas or items hidden throughout the game and can be discarded after use.

Resident Evil 2 PSX ROM Highly Compressed

Game ISO File

Game Title: Resident Evil 2

Size: 371 MB

Download Game: [ DOWNLOAD ]

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