5 Tips to Rank Up Faster In Overwatch 2

Are you also seeking practical tips to increase your rank in Overwatch 2? Gaming experts have developed some effective tricks to help in this regard. The need remains to identify these tips and use them to rank higher in the game. 

Overwatch 2 is a first-person shooter game developed by the firm Blizzard Entertainment. This very first version of the game, Overwatch 1, enjoyed a considerable fanbase. The same goes for Overwatch 2 as well.

Also, since Overwatch 2 has a free-for-all play mode, it enjoys more and more new players. Now, with a new version about to release, there are a few changes in the ranks, tiers, and divisions. 

In addition, many websites, such as battlelog, bring along specific tips and hacks to help people in all aspects of the game.

Tips to Assist Players to Rank up Higher in Overwatch 2

Here are some tips to help you as a player enjoy a higher rank in Overwatch 2.

  1. Select Your Hero Well

Overwatch 2 has a long list of heroes to select. All these heroes can help you rank up in the game. However, some heroes are a little better than others and can assist you in winning the game effectively.

Thus, selecting a hero that matches well with your playing abilities is advisable. Moreover, this also makes it possible for you to overcome all the issues well and get a higher rank.

Also, choosing the hero you like motivates you to make the most of the hero’s strength and overcome its weaknesses when playing. However, it would help if you practiced for long hours to get to know your heroes well.

  1. Learn Well From Your Losses

There is no excuse for your loss or defeat; instead, learn from these mistakes. However, it is pretty sufficient to shift the blame on other things, such as the differences between players’ abilities. 

However, the main point lies in learning well from these losses and effectively using these teachings to get a rank higher in the game. This would help you come up with ways that could have helped you differently in winning the game. 

  1. Never Pick Characters You are Unaware of

Many players mistake picking up characters they feel are suitable for a situation. However, the players are sometimes not comfortable playing these characters well. This can hinder the game and even pull down your rank. 

Thus, sticking to a hero pool you are comfortable with is advisable. This would ensure that you can make proper game plans revolving around the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes. 

  1. Complete Daily Challenges

An essential aspect of ranking up in the game is completing daily challenges, which help you earn XP. In a day, you can efficiently meet three daily challenges, each getting you 3000 XP. 

This implies that you can easily earn 9,000 XP in a single day, and if you can maintain the streak of winning in a week, you can easily 63,000 XP.

  1. Stop Paying Attention to Screen Rank

Many players often get attracted to the rank they see on a screen. However, this habit will only give you difficulty climbing up in ranks in the game. 

As per the game, everyone gets placed on a lower rank than their previous one as per the game’s ranking system. Thus, make use of this time to practice and improve yourself. Also, comparing a screen icon is simply unhealthy in the gaming world. 

This would deter your concentration and will even add to your discouragement. 

Final Words

Overwatch 2 is a competitive game played as 5v5 shooters. However, in the version, the builders decided to leave only a slot for the Tank players in any team formation. This makes it quite difficult for people to rank faster in the game. 

Thus, experts have developed tips and tricks to help players enjoy a higher rank while playing Overwatch 2. So, follow the tips mentioned above and make the most to get your rank higher in the game. Happy gaming!


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